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YOU can make the difference in the life of an animal, even of you can only offer temporary help.
Fostering allows you to enjoy and assista an animal in need, without long term commitment or veterinary expense.

What Animal Outreach provides:

  • Veterinary expenses
  • Phone support
  • Marketing of pet to adopters

What Fosters Provide:

  • Transportation to Veterinarians & Adoption Events
  • Love Love Love
  • Food
  • Training and Socialization
  • A safe place to live while waiting for adoption

Temporary foster families are needed for a variety of reasons. The three most common reasons are:

  • Limited shelter space -
    The number of animals received at a shelter is sometimes overwhelming and adequate housing is not available. Foster homes provide shelters with an additional option until a space becomes available.

  • Treatment and care after an illness or injury -
    Foster homes provide sick and injured animals with the additional time, medication, and space they need to recover. This may include time to recover from emotional, fear, or stress based situations that the animal may have encountered in the past.

  • Extremely young animals -
    Young animals, such as kittens and puppies, which are not yet weaned, require special attention. Unweaned orphans require a serious commitment since they have special needs such as diet and frequent feeding schedules. One of the greatest rewards of nurturing these young animals is knowing that you are giving them a great start in life.

    Without the additional time and care provided by temporary foster families, many of the animals that fall into the above three categories would be euthanized.

Please know that fostering an animal does not mean that you are adopting. If for any reason you are unable to continue forster care, Animal Outreach will pick up the foster animal within 48 hours.