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Adoption Stories and Testimonials


Testimonial: "The week after Thanksgiving we were given a special treat. A seventy lb. Akita hound Lobo entered our lives. In June he came to Animal Outreach and although everyone loved him he was just too big - but not for us. Every day we take Lobo to the bay beach which he loves and when he isn't there he runs and I mean runs around our back yard. he spends his time with us all day in the house and he listens to everything i tell him to do. Someone really trained this dog and he is so happy to do anything for you. Lobo has added so much to our lives and any rescued dog big or small would add so much to your life as well."

TJ Kuchon


Little "Laverne" was a stray when she was hit by a car and suffered a badly injured leg. Her injuries required surgery, and she spent over 2 months recovering in an Animal Outreach foster home. Now, with only a slight limp remaining from the accident, she has been renamed "Kipper" and has found a wonderful new life full of love and joy with Denise and John.


Testimonial: "John and I adopted our new poodle from Animal Outreach  this  summer. Kipper has quickly adapted to our lifestyle which includes an additional dog and a cat.She brings a new level of joy and energy to our family.
The adoption process was easy. The dog was healthy and ready for a stable home.We heartily recommend Animal Outreach for your next pet adoption."
John and Denise Heckel
Cape May


Homer meets Hal
Home likes Hal
Instant friends


This adorable boy was found as a stray in Gloucester County. Through the help of some caring and wonderful people, he was taken from the shelter and brought to Cape May County to be fostered. He was named Mr. Rodgers, because he is older and has a happy wag - that's all.
Mr. Rodgers is a wire hair Jack Russel Terrier, he has some arthrisis is his joints, and he shakes when standing still. He had a number of bad teeth removed (which makes him much happier and healthier). His hearing is selective and his sight may not be perfect. He stayed in his foster home for about 6 months. He gained strength and adjusted well with the other dogs. He tried one furever home, but that did not work out well ...
Then he was brought to this furever home, just by luck! As you can see from these priceless pictures, Mr. Rodgers, now known as Homer, found true love at first sight with Hal and Peggy!
We wish them many years of health and happiness.


Maggie Bruno

"Here’s Maggie Bruno. My husband and I would like to let everyone know what a great experience it was to adopt our very happy and gorgeous Maggie. She came into our lives at the right time. My husband and I had been thinking perhaps it was time to get another dog. Our Golden has been gone for a year and a half and like most pet owners it takes a while to rethink if you can find the gem you lost. Guess what we found a loving and very huggable best friend .... Maggie has settled into life with us quickly and I believe she would say she is very happy also.
The experience of the adoption and all of the staff was beyond helpful with our loads of questions. You care about the animals final homes and that is what helped to really finalize our adoption.
To see a wagging tale and a nose pressed against the window is so worth rushing home to. Yeah nose marks again love them.

2 happy campers, no change that to 3 happy campers."
 Beverly and Barry B.


Mr. Kitty

“Mr. Kitty, an elderly gent abandoned in the neighborhood was running out of options! With so many homeless cats throughout the county, his chances were not looking hopeful. With Animal Outreach, he is receiving the care he needs to get a fresh start. Thank you Animal Outreach!”
- Eileen C.


Mickey Rooney

Where was little Mickey Rooney going to go? His owners couldn’t keep him anymore. Animal Outreach found him the perfect home with a great new owner and now he is cooling off in his own pool!

"When an injured cat showed up in my backyard, we knew we had to help. We took him to the vet, patched him up and brought him home with us. Even though Rupert was FIV+, we wanted to get him a friend and turned to Animal Outreach for help. They kindly gave us a reference and we were able to give our sweet Benny a home. When we decided we needed one more cat to complete our family, Animal Outreach once again came through and we got Oliver. We are so grateful for Animal Outreach and the work they do! Our three wonderful cats make our lives richer, and the good people at Animal Outreach made it happen.

Ali M. and Larry A.   

Jackie Ruch says: We trapped and altered a mommy, but not before she had a litter of kittens. We were having trouble finding homes until Animal Outreach helped out! They agreed to take them in for foster, alter, give them the necessary vaccines, and find them the wonderful homes they deserve. One kitten, whom we called Grayson, is already in a loving home! Thanks to Ellen and Animal Outreach! We couldn't have done it without you!
Where was Lucy to go? Her owners could no longer keep her. She is 9 years old and a handful. But with the right foster care, Animal Outreach was able to find her a loving, permanent home!

"My experience with Cape May County's Animal Outreach was extremely helpful and reassuring. After finding a poor, helpless dog wandering up and down the streets with no owner in sight, I called to see if Animal Outreach could help.  They came right out, monitored the property giving the owners a warning. When, the owners decided next to abandon the dog (leaving him home alone for a week with only minimal food and water to survive), workers at Outreach kept on the case resulting in a happy ending. The owners surrendered the dog allowing Animal Outreach to find a loving foster home.  J.B."