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That best portion of a good man's life: his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness & love. -William Wordsworth

Help us help them. Volunteer for the animals.

We rely on volunteers to provide foster care for dogs and cats, conduct adoption counseling, help with our Feral Cat Program, and introduce adoptable pets to potential new owners at Petsmart in Rio Grande each weekend. We also participate in many festivals in the warmer months and always needs volunteers to serve as ambassadors for the animals. Additionally, we sometimes need transport for animals to the veterinarian or a new foster home. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older unless accompanied by a parent.

To get started volunteering or to learn more about volunteer opportunities at Animal Outreach, please call us at 609-898-1pet (1738) or email us at Our shelter cats and dogs are waiting for you to keep their tails wagging and the motors whirring.

Would you love a pet but can not make a long term committment?
Temporary foster families are needed for a variety of reasons such as limited shelter space, treatment or care after an injury, or extremely young age of the animal.

Without the additional time and care provided by temporary foster families, many of the animals that fall into the above three categories would be euthanized.
Interested? See our foster page and manual for more information.


Petsmart Volunteering and Adoption Counseling
Every weekend Animal Outreach volunteers set up at the Rio Grande Petsmart to showcase adoptable animals and introduce them to potential adopters. It’s a terrifically rewarding job, as you get to see formerly homeless pets go home with new loving families. This job includes interviewing the adoption applicants, checking vet references, home visits and follow up to make sure that all is going well for the new pet. The job also requires the transport of animals from the shelter in Cape May Courthouse when the shelter staff is unable to do it.


Feral Cat Program
Cape May has led the nation in its program of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return), and our volunteers help to keep the colonies safe and healthy. TNR colonies require oversight, feeding, and sometimes trapping of a new member that appears for neutering or for veterinary attention. TNR is crucial to achieving zero population growth and making sure that no feral cat is taken to a shelter. These cats are not adoptable, and transport to a shelter is a certain death sentence. TNR keeps the numbers in check and allows the cats to lead healthy lives under the supervision of a dedicated caregiver who sees that they are fed and watered regularly.

Fospice Care
Fospice is, as the name suggests, a combination of foster care and hospice care or end-of-life care. Fospice is for shelter animals diagnosed with a life-limiting, non-contagious illness. While these animals are not suffering, their medical conditions and poor prognoses prevent us from seeking adoptive homes for them. They are provided with love and comfort inthe home, with Animal Outreach providing veterinary support.

Professional Services


Event support
Festival Volunteers collect donations, distribute educational material, sell tee shirts and other merchandise and (weather permitting) showcase adoptable pets. Volunteers are also needed to set up and break down the booths.

Host an Event for animals silpada, tastefully simple, etc. these events generate donations that will help to make the shelter a reality sooner.